How much does a yoga instructor make? Increase your income from yoga with these tips

A 2015 survey by CNN estimates that yoga teachers make around $60,000 per year in the US. This number is taken as the median but the truth is that a yoga instructor salary can vary hugely across different practices. In most cases typical instructors may earn $25,000 per year or less in the US while the minority of most successful can easily earn $100,000 and beyond.

So what differentiates the alpha breadwinners from those at the bottom who are barely making it? Their secret is that they’re able to monetize their expertise from yoga incomes outside of only teaching yoga.

Top earning yoga teachers:

  • Use social media and develop a powerful online presence
  • Know how to brand and market themselves through their online network
  • Diversify their assets into more traditional forms of revenue making (e.g. creating their products from their brand)

Whether you teach yoga privately or run it as a side business, there are many different streams of revenue you can utilize to enhance how much you can make as a yoga instructor. The yoga industry is constantly expanding and innovating and it is completely possible to build a thriving business by doing yoga.

Typical teaching programs only focus on the yoga- side of yoga business and not the business- side. You might be the most knowledgeable and capable yogi in the universe, but without proper business acumen you will still struggle to bring in income.

This article serves as a guide on filling this gap and below we will show you the techniques that successful modern yoga businesses employ to earn as much as the top yoga instructors.

Teach Training courses

The classical way to generate more revenue as a Yoga instructor, training courses are a common way to spruce up your yoga instructor salary and is unstoppable in combination with good branding and a competitive online presence. You may ask, “how much does a yoga instructor make by teaching training courses?” The answer of course is that it depends but established studios can easily sell their courses for upwards of $5000 per individual.

It’s recommended that you consider this path only after you have already established a stable clientele and have your practice up and thriving.

Yoga training courses are an open book with many opportunities to find and develop your niche. Over 10,000 individuals become certified yoga instructors each year and the market is constantly growing. Even expert practitioners are taking courses to deepen their practice and maintain their edge.

How much does a yoga instructor make from private sessions?

Do you prefer to work more intimately with your students and give deeper personal feedback? Private yoga sessions may be the way to go. Private sessions can typically go from $40 per hour to $100 per hour though you should also charge similar rates around your area. Private yoga sessions are typically sold in packages as opposed to single sessions as it makes it easier to budget while also encouraging clients to stick with your practice.

This is similar to how a personal trainer conducts its operation. It’s important to distinguish yourself from other private yoga instructors by finding your specialty and niche. Feel free to offer additional events and special workshops as a bonus to loyal customers.

Running corporate sessions

With working hours increasing and wage stagnation, the rate of corporate employees that are stressed and anxious is higher than ever. Larger companies that offer yoga sessions are increasingly becoming common as a way to relieve such ailments. While cold calling is the standard approach in gaining these types of clients it would be more effective to ask your network. Teachers in this game will normally charge a fixed rate per class. Corporate yoga classes can increase how much you can make as a yoga instructor.

How much does a yoga instructor make from their social media presence?

A good social media presence will open up many opportunities for your yoga practice. For example it makes it possible to create a niche online community where people of similar interests can share and interact. You could monetize this by charging a subscription fee for premium content. For example if your subscription fee was $10 a month and you had 200 members you would be earning $2000 per month with minimal overhead. This is a scalable source of income, and the benefits of this model are two-fold: as your community grows so does your income as well as your ability to attract new customers.

If you have a large social media following you will also have the option of earning money through sponsorships. Depending on your popularity a single picture on Instagram can net you $1000. And if your presence is big enough you may even want to partner with brands specific to your niche. Make sure the brand you are partnering with is someone you like because being sponsored by a disreputable brand may come back and harm your business.

Marketing for yoga studios

Though not specific to yoga per se, you may want to consider marketing for yoga studios that are understaffed. Consider supplementing your income by working remotely and providing SEO services to studios in need of advertising. Studios will gravitate towards someone who knows their domain giving you an edge over someone who only focuses on marketing. Doing this will not only give you an additional income stream but also deepen your understanding of the yoga industry which you can also use to prop up your yoga practice.

How much does a yoga instructor make writing content?

Although writing about yoga may not be a main source of income, if you enjoy writing it can be a good way to supplement it. Yoga writers are constantly in demand and are a crucial part of the SEO industry. Writing for blogs also has the additional benefit of broadening your yoga network. If you also have your website you can link your written content to your site and improve your search engine rating.

Another way to monetize your knowledge of yoga is to write a book. A book will take a lot of hard work to publish and there will be some luck involved in making it successful. However if it succeeds the pay off will be huge (some yoga books can net upwards of $100,000) and well worth the effort invested.

How much does a yoga instructor make selling their own products?

Establishing a brand will allow you to develop and produce your physical products for retail. The possibilities of products are endless – clothing, reusable glass bottles, yoga props to name a few. Start small and roll out more products as they start becoming best- sellers. This works well with owning your site – you could easily convert it to your very own eCommerce platform and cut out the middlemen. A successful operation can easily net you a five-figure income per year.

Actions speak louder than words

Expanding your income from yoga will not happen overnight. It requires hard work and determination, luckily as a practitioner you should have these attributes in spades. You will need to be working on it every day if you want to achieve the level of success of those at the top. It’s extremely rewarding once it pays off. Mistakes will be made along the way but they also provide valuable learning opportunities.

Ask yourself what your best course of action is to move towards your aspirations and best of luck in your endeavors ahead. Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late.

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